Low Bandwidth

Output power time series from an edge-emitting, multiple quantum well 830nm semiconductor laser subject to optical feedback. Time series recorded for different combinations of optical feedback level and laser injection current. Detection bandwidth 4 GHz and sampling rate 20 GSa/s.

Data and Resources

Additional Info

Field Value
Author Dr Josh Toomey
data_type laser data
maps maps.hdf5
raw_all raw_all.hdf5
readme files/Semiconductor Laser/Optical Feedback/Low Bandwidth/TimeSeriesNEW/Read Me.txt
shard_size 9
x_name Injection Current (mA)
x_size 251
x_variables INJ_map.csv
y_name Feedback (AOM transmission)
y_size 351
y_variables FBT_map.csv
z_interval 0.00000000005
z_interval_base 50
z_interval_exponent 0.000000000001
z_name Output power
z_peak_voltage 0.316
z_size 20000